Hope’s Crossing . . .where new futures begin . . . and women and families learn to reconnect, rebuild and thrive!

Hope’s Crossing is uniquely dedicated to helping women become successful following experiences with incarceration. Our focus is on serving each woman’s unique needs with a comprehensive approach to helping her create a new, healthy and fulfilling chapter in her life and in the lives of her family.

Our approach helps women identify barriers to success and put a plan in place to surpass her own identified challenges. She now can travel this journey with the support of a skilled case manager and supportive mentor. Life-skills classes are designed to address the key issues facing women recently released from incarceration. Assistance is provided to find safe housing and, importantly, successful re-entry into the workforce.

Hope’s Crossing fills an important role in Arizona, where, as is the case nationally, the number of women in incarceration continues to rise dramatically. In Arizona, the incarceration rate of women in our prison system has grown by 1,261 percent.

Re-entry into a difficult economy and an absence from family and community supports often is overwhelming. Hope’s Crossing helps women bridge the gap, providing a new set of skills and an array of resources – and most importantly, hope.