About Laura

11058763_1583455005226095_6524986984546840499_nFounder of the “I Can Plan” system, Laura guides individuals through a seven step system that moves them from Big Dreams to Reality  .  This seven step system will assist you in defining your big idea,  steps to implement and the tools and resources necessary to claim your SUCCESS.  She uses her uniquely acquired  skills  of insight, instinct and influence to spark the passion of others to FINISH your vision with clarity and focus.

For over 20 years, Laura has been working with organizational teams as a strategic thinker , data analyst, process improvement agent and project manager to ensure their new projects are in alignment with their vision, implementation strategies meet the needs of their clients and they are able to stamp each project with a FINISH tag!  This experience has enabled me to create the tools, processes and strategies that is now coined the I CAN PLAN.

Laura found her life’s passion by investing in the growth of others as a servant leader, which motivates them  to tap into their personal power to enjoy a Choice Driven Life.